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New HTML5 Games

This game is full of impossible geometry and optical illusions. Look closely to find the connecting paths.

How does the red triangle cross the road? It uses moving platforms and teleporting blocks, of course! Help it reach the green square.

Drive the streets and bring your passengers home!
Fake out the red pixels and grab the greens.
The dead have risen! Push the skeletons and zombies back underground.
Bump into humans to turn them into vampires.

Popular HTML5 Games

Time your bounces to get through the obstacles!
Bob is back! And now he has more thieving skills!
Eat the apples. How long can you survive?
Get Ball to the basket safely!
Sorry, you can't play this non-game.
Bring your best golf swing to this crazy neon course!
Shoot hoops, but with a cannon.
Do your math and spend wisely.
The Pig is on the loose! Can you catch him?
This rock is ready to roll! Gain momentum and jump.
Bullseye! Aim your grabber to reach the target.
Eat the leaves and escape!
Slice the sushi.
The classic game of moving and jumping.
Add like numbers to win this one. Can you get to 2048?
Move the other cars to escape the parking lot.
Launch zombies through obstacles!
Connect pipes of the same color.

All HTML5 Games

Ready, set, splat! Race to the finish.
Deliver the lost letter in outer space!
Use electricity to power up the targets.
Save the stranded astronauts!
Can you fit all of the hexagon shapes together?
Connect the ends of the circuit to give it power!
Build a thriving colony on a far off planet.
Slide wooden blocks and roll to the goal.
Bend your mind to solve this 3-D maze.
Build a subway and keep the trains running on time.
Reach the exit safely. But don't break the rules!
The rocks are alive! Turn them back to stone.
Collect the candy in this mechanical world.
Save your pineapple from evil Big Square!
Transform into a slippery block of ice!
Find Dr. Acorn's lost headlamp.
Defend your fortress from the invading fleet!
Outsmart your opponent in the game of X's and O's.
Keep running to reach the shelter.
Make the right jumps to get down to one.
Find the right path to gather the blue gems.
Help the foxes reach their den safely!
Explore the caves with this slimy secret agent!
Smash these sticky jellies together!
Draw shapes to zap aliens with lightning magic!
Place laser alarm systems to guard the artifacts.
Get the hamburgers to the hungry shapes.
Bump the red blocks off the map!
Hop over the other rabbits to make them pop!
Slice, chop and cut the perfect pizza toppings!
Make the characters into a big happy family!
Rotten eggplants have infested the world!
Shift and slide matching tiles together.
Pop the water drops to make huge chain reactions!
Connect four consecutive chips to win!
Help the fox find all the treasure!
Detect all of the mines!
Smash the bricks and find cool power ups!
Become the biggest snake in the forest!
Fill in the spaces with the right numbers.
New levels, same crazy basketball action!
Get all of the sand into the bucket.
Run as far as your alien space suit will take you!
Help the sumo wrestler join the clean plate club!
Your goal is simple: remove orange and save green!
Help the monkey find his bananas!
The classic card game is here!
Fill the rows and columns with colorful bricks!
Soar above the clouds. And try not to crash into them!
Deploy your plastic soldiers to defend your home!
They jump on their own! Don't let them fall!
Who let a monkey fly the plane?
Twist and turn to match the pattern!
Bring power back to the robots!
Find chains of matching fruits to make big combos!
Can you find two copies of every animal?
Bubble popping action with a twist!
Help the chipmunk family prepare for hibernation!
Run through the obstacles to get to the burger!
Help! Untangle the lines as quickly as possible.
Grab your shades and collect the bananas!
Get to the hole safely, without crashing!
Guide the laser beams to their target!
Use the clues to find the mines.
Help reunite the pairs of creatures.
Free the birds before they become dragon food!
Fish Party! Pop matching fish to find the treasure.
Cover the board with your color in this classic game.
Match and defeat hordes of monsters.
It's a jumping game, but with no jump button.
A very cool car driving game!
Change shape and knock the red wereboxes off!
A cross between tetris and match-three!
Help the blowfish grow and drive the monsters out!
Meet the Doods! Make blocks of the same color.
Escape from the temple!
Help the space miner return home!
The classic single player card game.
A great matching game with balloons!
An easier twist on the classic game.
You're a Special Intergalactic Painter.
Pop the bubbles as fast as you can!
Shoot the skeletons to break all the chicken eggs.
Use the rescue vehicles to push the enemies off.
Nom nom nom! Eat those mangoes!
Collect all the cheese. Use each tile only once!
Help the divers reach the ocean surface.
Delete jelly blocks of the same color. Sound easy?
Use the paint to fill the capacitors.
Get rid of all the colored candy.
Knock off all of the red monsters!
Plan ahead! Make the square boxes hit the yellow circles.
Capture the magical fern flower.
Slice up the jelly blob in as few moves as possible.
Get the monster to eat all the cookies!
Remove all the blocks, except the green guy.
Spot the gentleman that's not like the others.
Help Alarmy wake up his monster friend.
Shoot the skeleton out of a cannon, again!

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