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New Skill Games

Jump between planets and dodge dangerous space debris! Reach the space mailbox to deliver the lost letter.

Sugar overload! Navigate obstacles, roll off ramps, and get the candy into the boy's mouth.

Every good doctor needs a headlamp. But yours is lost in the forest! Find it so that you can get back to work.

Defend your fortress from the invading fleet!
This rock is ready to roll! Gain momentum and jump.
Travel to another world to save your candy stash!
Master the elements of water, fire, rock and air.
Keep running to reach the shelter.
Explore the caves with this slimy secret agent!

Popular Skill Games

By popular demand: The Prequel to Run 2!
Hop in your tank and destroy the enemy base.
Help Bob expose the corrupt mayor.
More cool cars to park in tight spaces.
Find the wizard.
Eat the apples. How long can you survive?
Explore the temple and collect hidden treasure.
Help a ninja walk his path.
Run through the cave!
It really is. Don't ask us how to beat it. We can't.
Can you figure out how to parallel park?
Help the red ball to his goal!
Avoid traps, collect lightning, and reach the exit.
Help a ninja become a ninja master.
Figure out how to get through the obstacles.
Drive the jelly truck to the end of each level.
Help Jellydad and his family escape the space station!
Train your duck to win races and save the farm!
Knock down towers in this crazy physics game.

Time Management Games

Become a master sushi chef!
Help Papa Louie run his grilled cheese shop.
Like the Papa's games? Craft swords and shields!
Follow the recipe and bake delicious Papa's pies.
Papa Louie wants you to run his Donuteria!
Use wacky gadgets to make food for your customers!

Platforming Games

Battle back the sundaes!
Get Ball to the basket safely!
Get to the end before time runs out!
The best Red Ball yet!
The slime is back, with all new powers!
You're a Special Intergalactic Painter.

Aiming Games

New levels, same crazy basketball action!
This is one strange miniature golf game.
Hop in your raft and defend your treasure.
Grab the flies and avoid the bees!
Aim well and become a ninja master.
Like golf? Wait until you try it in space!

Timing Games

Slice, chop and cut the perfect pizza toppings!
Intense wall-jumping fun in a 3D obstacle course!
Up, up, up! This tower is full of treasures and danger!
Travel by elbow slam to escape Candy Land!
Time your shot perfectly and hit the target.
You can do one thing: click to make Beavus jump.

Hard Control Games

Can you make it through the course?
Perform awesome dolphin stunts and earn points.
Soar above the clouds. And try not to crash into them!
Carefully guide your worm to the portal.
Shuttle the aliens around. Don't crash into the walls!
Guide the star to the end of the level.

Stacking Games

Use a giant magnet to grab and load the cargo.
A great stacking game!
A great building game.
Load critters onto the truck and bring them home safely!
Move all the crates into the trucks.
Stack the shapes, and watch out for the wind!

World-Turning Games

Get all of the sand into the bucket.
Pour all of the liquid to the finish.
Help the little robot reach the exit.
Tip until you are dizzy to help the balls to escape.
Collect stars and avoid spikes!
Similar to Rotate and Roll.

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