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Sliding Games

Help the ninja grab the right paint color and roll it on the marked walls. Collect all the stars and get to the exit to complete each level.

You are the guardian rock. Use your puzzling skills to defend the temple from the intruding archaeologists.

All you have to do is roll to the goal. Move the wooden blocks to make a path and then watch your ball roll in.

Line up the lasers to light up the pods. What mysteries await in this alien landscape?

Use transporters, magical walls and mirrors, gold blocks and dynamite to create a wooden path to cross the river.

Oh no! Some of your rodent friends got their noses stuck in the traps again! Put on your fancy red cape, save your pals, and catapult your way to safety.

There's plenty of work at the rail yard! Flip switches, connect cars, and move the trains to the right stations.

It's rush hour and you're stuck in the parking lot. Move the other cars out of the way so you can reach the exit.

You're a slippery one-eyed alien stuck in a maze. Find a way to get the key and make it to the door. There are a lot of obstacles in your way!

The BLOCnog needs to eat! Help the BLOCnog grow by sliding it around the level so that it makes the correct shape. After a while, it gets really tricky!

More great levels of your favorite game ONLY on Coolmath! Help the ninja paint the x's and collect all the stars to get to the exit to complete each level.

A great sequel to one of our most popular games. Choose your ninja (boy or girl) and grab the right paint to make your way through each level.

From the maker of Ninja Painter! Your goal is to collect the gems and stars on each level. Grab the pick of the right color to break down the rock walls.

This game is like Rush. You have to slide a bunch of blocks around to get the one block out. Lots of great thinking on this one.

The bots are out of control! Group all of the bots together, without letting any of them fall off the screen.

The red jelly monsters have been stranded on an alien planet! Help them reunite and find coins along the way.

Om nom nom! Feed Hoppy and Hogg their delicious goo-fruit! Can you solve all of the levels?

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