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When I first tried this game, I couldn't figure out what I was supposed to do to get something to happen...  So, here are some good directions for you:

When you hit the GO button, a ball will drop from the circled red dot.  If you do nothing, the ball will just drop straight down and bounce straight back up.  You can control where that ball bounces by using these "direction" cubes:

You can grab them with your cursor and put them anywhere in the playing area.  Their arrows indicate where they will direct the ball.  Just experiment a lot and you'll see how it works.

Your goal is the get the ball to go into the big green hole:

using as few direction cubes as possible.  You'll see how few are possible below.  "Par Score" means the "average" for most users.

At first, you'll probably just want to get into the green hole any way you can.  Once you get good at it, you can try to make the "Pro Score" on each level.  There will be a lot of "trial and error" ( which is a great problem solving technique in math!)

This game is set up differently than my other multi-level games...  On the opening screen, you can click the little squares to jump in at an level you wish:

The computer will remember you between sessions (unless you delete your cookies).  If you are playing on a school computer, you'll probably want to hit "erase progress" so you can start fresh each time - because it's going to remember the last player (who probably isn't you)...  But, you can remember what you did to beat each level at school and go home and do it on your home computer -- where it can be remembered.   Get it?  The goal is to get the "Pro Score" on every level.

If you want to play on your home computer and have the game keep track of everything, please tell your parents to not delete the game's cookie!

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