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Awesome Animal Games

These chipmunks need to eat! Chew through blocks of wood to make crazy collisions and help the chipmunks find food for the winter.

Where's my water? Bring water from above to help the raccoon wash his clothes. Draw paths and solve puzzles to funnel water into his bucket. 

Use your slingshot to line up matching birds and set them free before they are eaten by the dragon.

Race past huge sharks, dodge angry tentacles and recycle empty cans. Swim to safety in this great underwater adventure.

You've got two minutes to perform as many awesome stunts as you can. Jump out of the water, do flips and make the perfect landing! Can you make it to Mars?

These creatures have been shipwrecked on an island in the middle of the ocean! Help each creature find the way to its mate.

Help these jumping bugs escape the workshop! Jump into the portal while avoiding dangerous traps.

The three pandas have been sucked into a strange fantasy land! Help them escape from the evil wizard's house and save this fantasy world.

It's dinner time! Start slinging webs spider-style! Grab flies and wrap them for dinner. But stay away from those pesky bees!

Help this cool jumpy monkey collect his bananas! You can't make him stop jumping, so you'll have to jump your way to the exit.

Om nom nom! The yeti monster wants to eat all of the frozen treats! Slide ice blocks so that he can collect the food and reach the finish line.

It's panda-monium in the land of the rising sun! Help them make their way through another awesome adventure.

Amigo Coyote is on his way to central Asia! Help him make his way to the top of the cliffs of Peril!

The three pandas are cooking up another adventure down in Brazil. Make sure they stay out of trouble!

The Three Pandas have escaped their captors, but are stranded at night on a jungle island! Stick together and use their abilities to survive.

These three panda brothers have been captured by poachers! Help them escape and make it home safely.

Amigo is on another adventure...this time to the arctic and Peru! Keep him safe and help him reach the top!

Amigo Coyote has a hot date in Tibet! Help him climb the Himalayan mountains and reach the Tibetan plateau.

Help this crazy fish jump from the water to collect pearls. Aim carefully, jump off ramps, and fly around corners to get them all!

All five of Daddy Longleg's kids have their birthday today! Sling webs and climb around the house and deliver slices of birthday cake to them.

Up for something different? Run through an endless cave, picking up powerups, dodging enemies, collecting artifacts, and finding treasure!

Two dogs are stranded in a space station on the moon! Use teamwork to help them reach their rocket and escape the station.

Evil coyotes have kidnapped the kids from Sun Grande city! Help Amigo Coyote fly up the cliffs to the mountain fortress and rescue them!

A dangerous forest stands between Snail Bob and his Grandpa's birthday party! You'll have to figure out how to get him there safely!

Train your duck to get faster so he can win races and save the farm! Plan your math to make purchases to help him succeed. Teach him how to swim and fly too.

Collect coins and purchase upgrades to help your duck become world champion. Spend your money wisely to make your duck a champ!

Third game in the great Duck Life series! In this edition, a higher level of strategy is involved with the addition of purple SuperSeeds.

The 4th great Duck Life game! Use money skills to feed your duck while training him to be the best duck athlete on the planet!

The pig is on the loose! Help prevent him from escaping by placing stone walls to block his path.

Help Amigo Coyote escape the dangerous canyon by removing obstacles so that he can float away without getting his balloons popped.

Amigo Coyote is now partying in New York! Help him float away by removing obstacles so that his balloons don't get popped.

Help Shaun, Shirley and Timmy work together to get back to the barn.

More great levels to one of your favorites!! Help Shaun, Shirley and Timmy work together to get back to the barn.

Use gravity, make things disappear, change the shape of things and even use magic to help the gorilla drive across to the next level.

Remove objects and click on fans to help the King rid his castle of sheep.

The mouse is hungry, but the cat has the cheese! Help the mouse get the cheese in this bite-sized puzzle game!

Use the woolly mammoth to launch 8 different nutty squirrels to hit all the nuts. You'll need to aim and figure out the best way to hit as many nuts as possible.

Cut the ropes to help the nutty squirrel to gather all the nuts for the hungry baby squirrel. Really, you do NOT want that little critter to start crying.

A very cool puzzler: Get the fish into the water while keeping the crabs out of it.

A very cool maze puzzler. Adjust the maze so the cat can get his cookie. Beware of the mouse!

You'll have to think outside the flocks on this one! You'll need to figure out something new on each of the 25 levels.

We got a LOT of requests for this game! The driving is easier than our "extreme" versions and you get to rescue animals. What could be better?

A great sequel to Cat Around the World. Travel around Europe to help the hungry cat get his favorite food!

Travel around the world with a very hungry cat who needs you to help him get his hamburgers.

Another great Cat Around the World game! Help the hungry cat eat all his favorite foods, by figuring out how to trigger springs and break ice.

Bring the cat his favorite African foods by crushing ice blocks, removing obstacles, and knocking out the other animals that want to take his food!

Peace in the aquarium has been shattered. Help the blowfish grow and drive the monsters out of their home.

Help Bearboy collect all the honeycombs in each level and get to the exit. Use your cursor to activate and destroy totems!

This game will mess with your head a bit! You can do one thing with Beavus and that's click to make him jump. Once you start playing, it's hard to stop!

Your goal is to wake up the elephant and knock him off. You'll use the other animals to do this and each animal has a different function.

Land ho, me hearties! Help yer animal mateys wake the scallywag elephant.

A great sequel to the first Snoring Game and, now, you are in the wild, wild west! Use the animals to wake up the elephant and knock him off.

Another Snoring Game! This one takes place on a snowy mountain. Use the animals to wake up the elephant and knock him off.

Arrr, Matey! Tis the third in the great Snoring game series! Use the other animals to wake up that elephant and knock him over!

Help the piggy push boxes through a maze to the target zone. Can you figure out each level before the clock runs out?

Your goal is to get the pig down to the ground. You'll have to figure out how to remove the green bails of hay to accomplish this.

Your goal is to have the cow hit the milk bottle. You'll have to figure out the logic on FIFTY fun levels.

The nightflies need your help reaching their night lights. Help remove objects that are in their way.

Each level is different in this cool cow puzzler. Figure out what to do on each level to find the cow!

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