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Gravity Grid


The goal is to group squares of the same color together to make them disappear.  To do this, click on the arrows to tilt or flip the grid.

You can make your own levels too! Can you stump your class?

Click on the "Level Editor" button to create and test your own levels.

You can create a code for your level so you can give it to someone else to try.

Here's the code for a sample level:


Notice that the code has no spaces and you need the "code:" at the beginning and the ";2" at the end.  I had to put a line break in the above code so, when you paste it into the game, get rid of the line break!

This is the level that this code generated:

To check this, you can copy and paste the above code and put it into the game by clicking on the "Level Loader" button.

Here's another example and the grid it generates:


Again, I had to put a line break in the above code so, when you paste it into the game, get rid of the line break!

I'm going to leave it to you and your class to figure out how the coding works.

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